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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oh yeah.... Progress and Fun News :)

So in the midst of sharing my worries and concerns... I forgot to tell you the fun stuff!

As of March 19th my plane ticket has officially been purchased!! Which means no turning back now... Wouldn't do that anyway!

Still waiting on my passport to come in, which for some reason I am very excited about getting!

So, I also found out the "dress code" for my stay in Niamey.... Ankle. Length. Skirts. And. Dresses. I was not super excited to discover this dress code to say the least. BUT, I'm making the most of it!! Saturday I went to Old Navy and bought 4 new ankle-length skirts and dresses which I must say are fairly cute. Just have to wear a white short sleeve shirt under them to keep with the modesty. Anyway, making this purchase definitely got me more excited about going this summer!! Here's a picture of one of my new dresses:

T-shirt sales are going fairly well - still have plenty to sell so let me know if you want one!!

About to apply for my travel Visa and I guess I should be getting my Yellow fever vaccination soon. Ouch. Shots.

I think that's all :)

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  1. that dress is super cute! i knew you could find some stylish options! :)